How to Change Keys using Pentatonic Scales

How to Change Keys

We just learned how to move a different Box Pattern up the Fretboard using a Key and a Root Note. Now, we want a different Key to match our band or backing track.
We will change to the Key of "E". Our song now starts on an E7 Chord and Root Note now is"E".

The picture below shows Box Pattern #1 placed on the Fretboard Chart with "E" Root Notes showing through the Red Root Note holes. It sits on the 4th to the 8th Fret. This is one area to play in the Key of E. Notice it is Pattern #1 again. So that means any of the 5 patterns can be used for any key!
Just line up your Red Root notes on the Root note you want and play in that area!

Pentatonic Scale Box Patterns and Fretboard
(Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer Fretboard Chart, Pattern #1 with E Root Notes)

Knowing Keys, Root notes and knowing at least a few of the 5 patterns make it super easy to solo on guitar!

A Little Quiz...

Hover over the questions for the answer.

Q1. To Change to a different Key you need to know what? First Chord and Root Note

Q2. If your song starts on an E7 Chord what is the Root Note? E

Q3. True or False: The five Box Patterns can be used for any Key? True

Let's move on to Connecting the Box Patterns...Click Here.

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