Connecting Box Patterns for Pentatonic Scales

Connecting Box Patterns Across the Fretboard

Using one Box Pattern is Good! Using two Patterns is better sometimes, because you can cover more of the fretboard, using a wider range of notes...higher and lower pitches!

Let's stay with the Key of "E", like previously. Our song starts on an E7 Chord and Root Note is"E". Simple! Now you're catching on to how easy it is!

The picture below shows Box Pattern #1 placed on the Fretboard Chart with "E" Root Notes showing through the Red Root Note holes. It sits on the 4th to the 8th Fret. This is one area to play in the Key of E. You can play any or all the notes in that Pattern to play a Guitar Solo.

Pentatonic Scale Box Patterns and Fretboard
(Pattern #1 with E Root Notes on the Fretboard Chart)

Look at the picture below. Now, by adding Box Pattern # 2, with Red Root Notes holes showing "E" Root Notes, you can connect these two patterns. Both patterns sit between frets 4 and 10. Notice how they overlap at frets 7 and 8? The Pentatonic Patterns connect that way...all of them. As a matter of fact, since there are 5 of them, they link like a chain, in order; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Connected Pentatonic Scale Box Patterns and Fretboard
(Pentatonic Box Patterns Connected)

Thats 7 full frets of glorious guitar soloing! And you've done it without having to read standard notation or TAB. Just a real understanding of Keys, Root notes and Box Patterns. You can connect all five Pentatonic Patterns together and play the entire fretboard too!

A Little Quiz...

Hover over the questions for the answer.

Q1. To connect the Pentatonic Patterns , you need to know the First Chord of your song and the ...? Root Note

True or False: The five Box Patterns can be used for any Key? True

Q3. True or False: You can connect all five Pentatonic Patterns? True

Q4. What Styles of music use Pentatonic Scales? Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues...

Let's move on and learn about different Styles of Music, changing to the Major Pentatonic Scale...Click Here.

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