The Fretboard for Pentatonic Scales

Learning about the Fretboard

We know that a note is any one string played at any one fret, including the six open strings.
So let's look at the Fretboard and explain how the notes are arranged.

Each fret of each string has a different note name...including the six open strings that are also notes.
Look at the fretboard image below. Notice some frets have two note names and some frets have only one letter.

Pentatonic Scale fretboard image
(Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer Fretboard Chart)

Some frets have a Sharp and a Flat and some just have a letter.

Pentatonic Scale fretboard image

If you follow each string from the nut or the white notes at the zero fret to the 13th fret, reading left to right, the letter names go in order alphabetically! (For a left-handed guitar, they go right to left.)

Another good thing to remember, is that the notes on the Zero Fret or nut are the same as the 12th fret notes!

A Little Quiz...

Hover over the questions for the answer.

Q1. Some frets have a letter, or a Sharp or a...? Flat

Q2. The open strings are also notes at the...Fret? Zero Fret or Nut

Q3. The notes go in what order from left to right? Alphabetical

Q4. The notes are the same at which frets? Zero (nut) and 12th Frets

Q5. For a left-handed guitar the notes are read in which direction? Right to Left

Let's move and learn what Root Notes are...Click Here

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