Learn Pentatonic Scales for Guitar

Pentatonic Scales

Learn What Pentatonic Scales Are

Knowing what Pentatonic Scales are is the first step.


Learn the Fretboard

Learn how the Fretboard Notes are arranged.

Root Notes

Root Notes

Knowing Root Notes will tell you where to place the Box Patterns.



Keys tell you which Scales and Chords sound good together.

Understand Moveable Patterns

Box Patterns

There are five box patterns that move across the fretboard. Knowing them will tell you where to play solos.

box pentatonic pattern

Moving Up The Fretboard

Learn how to play Pentatonic Scales across the Fretboard.

Changing keys

Changing Keys

Learn to play in different Keys using the Box Patterns.

connecting box patterns

Connect Box Patterns Across the Fretboard

Learn to Connect 2 or more Box Patterns together.

minor to major pentatonic scales

Change Minor to Major Pentatonic Scales

Change from Minor to Major Pentatonic Scales for a different sound.

The information on this website is taken from the book "Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer". If you would like to find out more or purchase it click here.

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