Learn How to Move Box Patterns for Pentatonic Scales

How to move the Box Patterns up the Fretboard

We just learned how to place a Box Pattern on the Fretboard using a Key and a Root Note. Now let's say we want to move up the fretboard into a different area, but still in the same Key for the same song.

We are stll using the Key of "C", so the song starts on a C Chord and Root Note is still "C".

The picture below shows Box Pattern #2 placed on the fretboard chart with "C" Root Notes showing through the Red Root Note holes. This is a new area to play in, higher up the fretboard than before. It is between the 3rd fret to the 6th fret. Like before you can play any or all the notes in the Box Pattern to make a solo.

Rember the thick "E" string is pictured at the bottom.

Pentatonic Scale Guitar Solo Trainer Fretboard Chart

By using the Box Patterns and Root Notes its easy to master the Fretboard in no time!

A little quiz. (mouse over question for answer.)

Q 1. To move up the fretboard, you need to know the first chord in a song and the (blank)?

Q 2. The Red holes marks what note of the Scale?

Q 3. To play a solo you can use any or (blank) notes of the pattern?

Q 4. If your song starts on a "C" Chord what is the Root Note?

Q 5. How many moveable patterns are there?

Ready to move on? Learn about changing to a different Key!